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Package Discounts: With our packages, you receive discounts for the number of CE's in a package. Our packages do not have pre-selected courses. You select the courses, which interest you, to add up to the CE's of a package. Should the total CE's of the courses selected exceed the CE's of a package, the extra CE's above the package CE will incur the regular rate of $11 per CE hour. To see a list of packages, select your licensing State above (outside of the U.S., leave State blank), then click the Continue button. The second drop down box on the order page will list package discounts.

Group Orders: When placing an order with multiple people, first select all the courses and packages (if applicable) needed for an order, remember to update course quantities if necessary. Complete the Customer Information section, then proceed to the Add Multiple People to this Order section of the order screen. Do not re-enter the name of the person entered in Customer Information, they are already part of the order. After the additional names have been added, complete the remainder of the order screen and click the Confirm Order button to verify an order before it is placed. Once an order is complete, then everyone will be attached to this order for future reference.

Online Method: An email address and password must be provided at the time of order to create an account. When an order is complete, you will have immediate access to all courses and exams by logging into your account with the email address and password you provided, by clicking on the Login button. If you forget your password, it can be reset through the Login screen. Exams are graded immediately upon completion (a score of at least 70% must be obtained), followed by viewing and printing of a verification of completion. You always have access to completed courses and verifications of completion for future reference. If an exam is not passed, simply retake it with no additional charges.

Mail Method: Home study course materials are sent by mail. Once an exam(s) is completed, signed and dated, it can be mailed or faxed for grading. Exam completion date is when we receive an exam and a score of at least 70% is obtained. We will mail, fax or email a verificaton of completion once all exams from an order (unless otherwise requested) have been completed. If an exam is not passed, one complimentary retake of the exam will be given. More than one retake will incur administrative fees.

Refund Policy: If you feel you will be unable to use your courses, contact us within 30 days of purchase, at 888.439.5632 or, for a refund (less S/H) on all original, undamaged and unused educational material. Once we have received these materials, we will issue a refund check to the address on file.